The term “hardscaping” or “hardscapes” is new to the construction and building industry of the United States. In general it means any “hard” site pavements as opposed to “soft” landscaped surfaces.

Grindstone Hardscapes, Inc. specializes in the consultation, design and construction of certain hardscape systems: brick, stone and concrete interlocking unit pavers, permeable pavers, and retaining walls, and site masonry.  We travel across country annually to remain certified and educated by the National Concrete Masonry Association as well as the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

Grindstone Hardscapes installs a wide range of architectural and ornamental products, segmental retaining walls, water features and interlocking pavers to name a few.  For years, brick, stone and concrete unit pavers have been used in many applications, from roads to backyard patios.  Our paversare the modern replacement for concrete and asphalt paving. These interlocking stones are visually pleasing, stronger and more durable than any other paving material available today. Furthermore, the multitude of shapes, patterns and colors give you the homeowner a host of design options. In addition to unit pavers and retaining walls, Grindstone Hardscapes, Inc. provides site masonry.  This includes fire-pits, outdoor kitchens and different types of decorative stone work.

Paver Benefits:

Segmental hardscapes offer appeal and worth that other pavements cannot match.  It is difficult for any concrete or asphalt to compete with the look and feel of brick.  It is impossible for any stamped concrete to match the inherent beauty of natural stone.  And the good news is that if properly installed by skilled craftsmen, this beauty will last far longer than any poured-in-place surface can offer.

  • By its nature, a segmental hardscape system is the best solution to frequent freeze-thaw cycling.
  • Unit pavements are the most durable pavement surface.  For example, a concrete paver has three times the pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) compressive strength than poured-in-place concrete. This allows for pavers to be driven across without any difficulty.
  • The re-sale return of a segmental pavement is one of the highest in the real estate industry. Additionally, unit pavers offer that certain “curb appeal” that immediately attracts any potential buyer.
  • They are virtually maintenance free.
  • Segmental pavements are quickly set, allowing for immediate pedestrian and vehicular access.  There is no need for concrete to cure or asphalt to harden.
  • With any need, such as underground utility work, unit pavers can be removed and reset.

Several of Grindstone Hardscapes projects are featured in the 2015 and 2016 Belgard idea catalog. Check our their website for more ideas on creating your dream outdoor living space. This button will send you to the page to order a free catalog!

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