Grindstone Hardscapes – Outdoor Paver Patios

Nothing makes an entrance like a driveway or walkway crafted with the distinctive elegance of pavers.

Whether with classic patterns recalling cobblestone streets or textures with the rugged look of ancient Roman cut stone, creating the perfect first impression of your home is as easy as opening your door. Plus, when it comes to standing up to harsh weather extremes, a paver driveway or walkway outperforms ordinary concrete and asphalt hands down.

Sometimes getting there is half the fun. While having a destination is usually the idea, it doesn’t have to be the case. A paver path or walkway can be designed simply to add atmosphere, be a border for a flower bed or just for casual “meandering”. A paver driveway, walkway or path featuring a thoughtfully designed mix of paver-laying patterns creates visual interest, leading the way while captivating the senses. For extra impact, incorporate steps and terraces as eye-catching transitions along the route.