You’ve asked and we’ve answered! Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have about our fertilizer services. If you still can’t find the answer you’ve looking for, contact us!

General FAQs:

On what dates do you apply fertilizer treatment?

We always use ground temperatures as our ‘calendar’ and not a firm date every year, so that’s why the time of our first lawn care application varies from year to year.

Why does my yard get weeds even while undergoing fertilizer treatment?

Each year is different in terms of ‘pre-emergent weed breakthroughs’ because of environmental/weather-related reasons that are beyond our control. Also, weak or thin areas in your lawn are susceptible to weed breakthrough. Over time, areas of our lawn get weak/thin from hot concrete, pets, walking/playing. Weed seed blows around and preys on these areas. A quick spot overseeding in the fall will help those spots fill in and keep weeds out.

Will weed treatment work on all areas of my yard?

Yes. If you have thin areas, it would be good to overseed them in the fall to boost the growth of good grass. Since weeds grow faster than grass, sometimes we have to focus on giving the grass a boost first and foremost.

How frequently do you apply fertilizer treatment?

There are typically 6-8 weeks between each lawn treatment. This does not account for weather hindrances (wind/rain).

Will I see results in my yard immediately after treatment?

Some types of weeds will curl up and die quickly after the first treatment. Others may take a few applications to die. Depending on the status of your lawn to start with, getting a nice, weed-free lawn can take years. Think of it more like a marathon than a sprint.

How long after your fertilizer treatment should I wait to water my lawn?

Our program consists of some granular applications and some liquid applications. Granular applications can be (and should be) watered in ASAP. Always water those granules in prior to mowing so you do not mow them up before they have had a chance to break down. Liquid applications need to be left alone without water for 6 hours. We’ll leave a sign in your yard when we’re finished with these instructions too!

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