5-Step Fertilizer Applications

Here is our personal 5-step program for fertilizing a lawn. This program will help your lawn to grow beautiful and healthy – just the way you want it.

#1 Early Spring

Fertilizer with Weed Pre-emergent

#2 Late Spring

Fertilizer with Crabgrass Pre-emergent + Weed Control +Iron

#3 Summer

Fertilizer with Grub Control

#4 Fall Lawn

Fertilizer + Weed Control + Iron

#5 Late Fall

“Winterizer” Fertilizer

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All American Lawn Program

Make your Lawn an “All American” lawn today and receive 2 free flea and tick lawn sprays!

If you have thin spots, light colored grass, drought damage, or just want a better lawn, upgrading to the All American program is your best choice. This program will introduce your lawn to liquid organics, water penetrants, “super green” liquid iron, natural sugars, and beneficial soil organisms in the spring and the fall, as well as two lawn sprays for fleas and ticks.

Benefits of choosing the All American program:

  • Deep green color
  • Reduce thatch naturally
  • Less noticeable dog spots
  • Help with drought stress
  • Better water uptake
  • Less watering
  • Lawn repairs faster
  • Helps thin spots
  • Combat high soil PH
  • Reduce lawn disease

The All American program includes:

  • 5 lawn foods
  • 2 broadleaf weed controls
  • 2 crabgrass controls
  • 3 micronutrient/iron applications
  • 2 micronutrient/manganese
  • 2 organic soil conditioning applications
  • 2 natural sugar applications
  • 2 “sugar green” liquid iron applications
  • 2 free flea and tick lawn sprays