Professional lawn care services for your every need.

Some people call it their yard while others refer to it as their lawn, but what it really is, is your own little piece of the earth.  You own it, you take care of it, and you’re responsible for it.  It needs you, and you need it!

Let’s face it:  Your lawn, yard, grass, whatever you call it, is pretty cool.  It smells good when it gets cut, it feels good to walk across barefoot, it looks pretty in the fall when the first frost settles in, and it’s got that whole environmental thing going for it.

We offer a multitude of lawn care services to help you care for your turf:

  • Mowing, trimming, & edging
  • 5-Step Fertilization
  • Pest & Weed Control
  • Core Aeration & Poweraking (remove & poweraking)
  • Underground Sprinkler Installation/Maintenance
  • Landscape Installation & Maintenance
  • Snow removal

Whether you need services for a residential, commercial, or industrial property, Graczyk Lawn and Landscape can help you.

5 Step Fertilization

Here is our personal 5 step program for fertilizing a lawn. We hope this program will help your lawn to grow beautiful, just the way you want it.

#1 Early Spring

Fertilizer with weed pre-emergent

Step 1 includes a granular fertilizer for early green up and a pre-emergent for early control of crabgrass, foxtail, and goose grass. Liquid weed control is also applied over the entire area for early broadleaf weeds.

#2 Late Spring

Fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent + weed control +Iron

Step 2 includes a liquid fertilizer with pre-emergent and weed control of dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. Iron also gives your lawn a boost to achieve a richer, deeper green.

#3 Summer

Fertilizer with grub control

Step 3 includes a balanced slow-release granular fertilizer and a grub control that is highly effective on white grubs.

#4 Fall Lawn

Fertilizer + weed control + Iron

Step 4 includes a heavy rate of liquid fertilizer plus a blanket application of liquid for broadleaf weed control. Iron also gives your lawn a boost to achieve a richer, deeper green.

#5 Late Fall

“Winterizer” Fertilizer

Step 5 includes a heavy rate of slow-release granular fertilizer to promote root growth in the winter and early green-up in the spring.